CS547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar  (Seminar on People, Computers, and Design)

Fridays 12:30-1:50 · Gates B01 · Open to the public

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Fall 2017 schedule   ( watch online - stanford students ) ( watch online - youtube )

29 SepVi Hart and Evelyn EastmondHuman Advancement Research Community
Year of the Body: Explorations into Embodied Knowledge and AR/VR
6 OctGeorg PetschniggFiftyThree
Tools for creativity: The story of Paper, Pencil, and Paste by FiftyThree
13 OctHaoqi ZhangNorthwestern University
Computational Ecosystems: Tech-enabled Communities to Advance Human Values at Scale
20 OctGillian HayesUC Irvine
Beyond Personalization: How Changing Platforms Can Enable Truly Customized Experiences
27 OctBrad MyersCarnegie Mellon University
Human-Centered Methods for Improving API Usability
3 NovSauvik DasGeorgia Tech
Social Cybersecurity: Reshaping Security Through An Empirical Understanding of Human Social Behavior
10 NovJulian BleeckerNear Future Laboratories
Design Fiction
17 NovAaron HalfakerWikimedia
Engineering at the Intersection of Productive Efficiency, Ideology, and Ethical AI in Wikipedia
1 DecMary CzerwinskiMicrosoft Research
Lessons Learned from Designing Interventions for Health and Wellbeing
8 DecCancelledCancelled
Instructor: Michael Bernstein
Email: cs547@cs.stanford.edu
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Thanks to the Stanford Computer Forum and SCPD, whose support helps make this seminar possible.