Mazanick - Texts

Sample texts for weeks 12-15

These text messages are the first iteration of prototyping weeks 12-15 in a young woman's pregnancy. For the first drafts we decided to not worry about character limits too much so that we could get the content in there and trim them down later. The texts were shown to 10 persons (University of Nairobi students, nurses, gynecologists, teenage pregnancy workers, coaches and class "experts") for feedback.

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Week 15

Text Translations into Sheng and Swahili

After narrowing our set of samples to the two favored texts, we got translations into Sheng and Kiswahili from David Chilongo. The choice of two text was based on showing how the range of information and directives provided to Prudence varied over the course of her pregnancy, from sign up to the week leading up to a visit. Our communication with David went as follows:

The translations - both Sheng and Swahili. You'll notice the Sheng includes some English words, which is just how Sheng is done - we mix it up as we go... I honestly have no ideas for a unisex baby name... you could replace mtoi (baby) for "supuu" in the Sheng version, but that's a pet name for girls - that could be used either for a baby girl or a girlfriend depending on context...

Week 12

Week 15:

Some variations offered by Kate Matu and Steven Opisa, on this last text:

*mtoi is just sheng for child/baby
**tano == 5 (regular swahili)

THANKS to David, Kate and Steven for all the help with translations!