Jofish Kaye

HCI, Personal & Investment Finance.

Shumin Zhai

Happy to be involved and this sounds light weight enough to be affordable. Areas: Interaction human performance modeling; interaction methods and devices; text and command input

Wendy Ju

Physical Interaction Design.


John Tang

I’m interested in anything associated with personal communication: mobile messaging, innovative uses of Skype, especially among youth.

Mira Dontcheva

Areas of interest: Software Learning and Discovery. A good paper in that space is "CommunityCommands: Command Recommendations for Software Applications"

Tools for large collections of images and video

Creating Collections with Automatic Suggestions and Example-Based Refinement

DemoCut: Generating Concise Instructional Videos for Physical Demonstrations

Peng Dai

My research interests are in crowdsourcing and ways to make tasks "crowdsource-able".

Here is an example paper in the area:

Rajan Vaish

I would be interested to explore topics related to "Low-effort crowdsourcing interfaces".

Related paper: Twitch Crowdsourcing: Crowd Contributions in Short Bursts of Time.


Geza Kovacs

tutorial generation

Papers: DemoCut: Generating Concise Instructional Videos for Physical Demonstrations ( ), MixT: Automatic Generation of Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorials ( )

crowdsourcing for education Papers: Crowdsourcing Step-by-Step Information Extraction to Enhance Existing How-to Videos ( )

crowdsourcing with learners, gamifying learning Papers: Combining Crowdsourcing and Learning to Improve Engagement and Performance ( )

gamifying work Papers: Games with a Purpose ( )

real-time interfaces, crowd-powered systems Paper: Legion scribe: real-time captioning by the non-experts ( )

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