Assignment 6: Engineering Meeting

Grade Value: 75 points

Due: Thursday October 23, in class


A large part of the class will be engineering meetings. These engineering meetings are how you will both plan (and we will track) progress through the implementation phase of your project.


At each engineering meeting, you will present the following:

  1. The goal of the previous implementation period
  2. What you planned to implement (and who was to do it)
  3. What you actually accomplished (high-level overview)
  4. The main challenges you ran into
  5. Your plans for the next week
  6. Where you stand in terms of the overall project (the big pieces that have been done, are left, features you've cut, etc)

Target Time: about 1-2 hours as a group (not including the actual implementation work).

evaluation criteria

in studio

Sep will start class with some general social software vignettes.

Each group will present to the course. Everyone will ask questions and give guidance.