Assignment 10: Beta Release

Grade Value: 75 points

Due: Thursday November 13, in class


This week your Beta release is due. As the Design Document assignment said:

This release is for "friends and family," so you'll want most of the functionality finished. However, make sure you don't over-commit; as Getting Real puts it, Fix Time and Budget, Flex Scope.


Just like the other engineering meetings, you will present the following:

  1. The goals of the previous implementation period
  2. What you planned to implement (and who was to do it)
  3. What you actually accomplished (high-level overview)
  4. The main challenges you ran into
  5. Your plans for the launch
  6. Where you stand in terms of the overall project (the big pieces that have been done, are left, features you've cut, etc)

Also, your first slide should have

Target Time: about 1-2 hours as a group (not including the actual implementation work).

evaluation criteria

in studio

Bumpr will start class with a vignette of their experience.

Groups will present in this order: Inherit Health, RunMonster, Bumpr, Jumpin, TourSafari