Project 3: Gesture Controller

Grading criteria Guiding questions Check minus Check Check plus
Design sketches
Did you consider a variety of alternative designs? Did you consider the users and context of use? Did you provide thoughtful rationales for your design decisions? A handful of sketches exploring simple or obvious ideas. A variety of interesting design ideas that take users into account, along with rationales for decisions made. Very detailed, insightful, or innovative designs. Rationales exhibit strong arguments for design choices.
Gesture controller
Did you build a compelling, functional application suitable for real-world use? A working implementation that enables two forms of selection, but with minor interaction hiccups. A working implementation that meets a compelling need and provides a smooth interactive experience. A polished, need-focused system that instantiates particularly innovative and/or effective designs.
Video demonstration
Did you clearly demonstrate your design and its usefulness? The video shows us that you had a working prototype. The video clearly demonstrates not just the base functionality, but also the usefulness of the solutions. An engaging, creative video demonstrating your designs in a realistic scenario and context of use.


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