CS247 Final Presentations
Monday, March 19, 6-9pm at the d.school

Your final presentation is an opportunity to share your project with your classmates, coaches, and guests from campus and industry. Your team should put together a compelling presentation and demo that communicates your process and results for the quarter. Specifically, your group should prepare the following:

A 150-second (2.5 minute) presentation

Each group will be given two and a half minutes to pitch their project. Use this time to communicate the big picture for your project: what user needs does your project address, and how does your design solution address them? You will not have time to communicate all the details. Rather, think of the presentation as a chance to engage the audience so that they will be excited to learn more from your poster and demo.

You should include at least one slide in your presentation, and you may also create a video. If you choose to make a video, it can not exceed 2 minutes in length. You must use your initial 30 seconds to introduce the project and team members.

All slides should be submitted to the CS247 staff as static 1024 x 768 pixel image files in either PNG or JPG format. A video must be submitted in either MPEG4 (.mp4, .m4v) or Quicktime MOV or AVI format.

We strongly recommend that you script your presentation and practice it many times. Do not go over your allotted time!

A poster describing your project

Your poster should go into greater detail than your presentation. Use the poster to tell the story of your design process and the final application. What is the user need (or "how might we's")? What are the most salient design aspects of your application? What insights did you gain from interviews or observations? What did you learn from user testing?

For each of the above, provide only the salient highlights on your poster – you do not need to go into excruciating detail. Avoid being text-heavy. Use photos, screenshots, and sketches to help communicate your process.

To help get started, you may be interested in viewing previous CS247 and CS147 posters here, here, and here.

A short demonstration of your application

As guests visit your poster, each team member should be prepared to describe your project and provide a short demo (roughly 2-3 minutes). Think through how you are going to explain your application to people.

Remember to motivate why you built the app you did. Describe the experience you intend to enable, show your application, and then describe what is unique about your approach along with any salient results from user testing.


Please feel free to e-mail us at cs247@cs.stanford.edu if you have any questions.