autumn 2007

CS147: Additional Resources (Introduction to HCI)


Non-required readings:

1 Introduction & Discovery Educating the Reflective Practitioner (Donald Schön)
2 Design & Mobile Challenges of interface design for Mobile Devices (Yahoo!)
3 Fitt's, GOMS & Prototyping Communicating Concepts through Comics (kev/null)
"Input Technologies and Techniques" (survey by Ken Hinckley)
4 Mental Models & Representations Don Norman's / user advocacy and human-centered design
5 Visual Design & Design Reviews
6 Visualization & Adaptive Interaction "Visualizing Data for the Masses: Information Graphics at The New York Times
7 Search & CSCW Groupware and Social Dynamics: Eight Challenges for Developers (Jonathan Grudin)
8 Social Software & User Studies
9 Tangible User Interfaces & End-User Tools
10 Development Tools & Wrap-up