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The below courses are likely of interest to HCI students. Some may be included in some HCI degree programs. They are listed by department. For more information about a particular course, see the Stanford Course Bulletin. Also, check out:

  • The course offerings
  • The creativity couse guide
  • The symbolic systems course list
  • Art
    Mechanical Engineering (Design Division)
    Management Science and Engineering
    Symbolic Systems



    Fridays 12:30-1:30pm · Free & open to the public

    Supported by the Stanford Computer Forum.

    29 SepVi Hart and Evelyn Eastmond
    Year of the Body: Explorations into Embodied Knowledge and AR/VR
    6 OctGeorg Petschnigg
    Tools for creativity: The story of Paper, Pencil, and Paste by FiftyThree
    13 OctHaoqi Zhang
    Computational Ecosystems: Tech-enabled Communities to Advance Human Values at Scale
    20 OctGillian Hayes
    Beyond Personalization: How Changing Platforms Can Enable Truly Customized Experiences
    27 OctBrad Myers
    Human-Centered Methods for Improving API Usability
    3 NovSauvik Das
    Social Cybersecurity: Reshaping Security Through An Empirical Understanding of Human Social Behavior
    10 NovJulian Bleecker
    Design Fiction
    17 NovAaron Halfaker
    Engineering at the Intersection of Productive Efficiency, Ideology, and Ethical AI in Wikipedia
    1 DecMary Czerwinski
    Lessons Learned from Designing Interventions for Health and Wellbeing
    8 DecCancelled

    Supported by the Stanford Computer Forum