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HCI Program Sheets


related courses outside cs

The below courses are likely of interest to HCI students. Some may be included in some HCI degree programs. They are listed by department. For more information about a particular course, see the Stanford Course Bulletin. Also, check out:

  • The course offerings
  • The creativity couse guide
  • The symbolic systems course list
  • Art
    Mechanical Engineering (Design Division)
    Management Science and Engineering
    Symbolic Systems



    Fridays 12:30-2:20pm · Free & open to the public

    8 JanDavid Broockman
    Proposal: A System for Disclosing and Answering Concerns About Potential Flaws in Published Research
    15 JanJeffrey Hancock
    Affect, Affordances and the Psychology of Social Media
    22 JanMarti Hearst
    Teaching as Coaching and Learning at Scale
    29 JanMatthew Salganik
    Mass collaboration for social research in the digital age
    5 FebIngmar Riedel-Kruse
    Interactive Biotechnology: Cloud Labs, Biotic Games, Museum Exhibits, DIY kits, and more
    12 FebJudith Donath
    Trust and the Cute Machine
    19 FebPhilip Guo
    Interactive Systems for Learning Programming at Scale
    26 FebMunmun De Choudhury
    4 MarEd Cutrell
    HCI4D: Cultural learnings of India for make benefit glorious field of HCI
    11 MarCorinna Gardner